Motivation comes in all forms; it can be from your morning coffee, working out, a quote on Facebook, or maybe you’re just a very motivated person who always sees the good in life. Whatever your kick start is, we can never have enough of it.

In March, when I did the Motivate Women in Business Blog series, I didn’t expect it to go as well as it did. I wasn’t sure if people would want to get involved, if anyone would read the posts, or if anyone would really get motivated by them. Well, I was very wrong! The blog posts were amazing! All the women who got involved were so motivational that people really got on board and read each post. And, even at the end, I had a few ladies messaging me to meet up for coffee to tell me how inspired they were, and how they were putting plans into place to set up a business they never thought they would have the confidence to start up.



I myself get motivation from women and men like that (I also get a lot of my motivation from my coffee…. :D). If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you can put money on me putting up at least 1 coffee post a day. I also get a lot of motivation from my children. Yes, they do my head in (like any parent would say) but I do love my boys. They inspire me each day to do better, to prove to them that, even though the world we live in at the moment is messed up, you can still get out of bed each day and live life to the full.



So here are my top 5 tips to motivate yourself each day, even if you just need the motivation to brush your hair…


  1. Get out of bed

So this sounds like an easy one; but it’s not as easy as it should be for some people, myself included! Most mornings I have to drag myself out of bed. And while I’m doing the kids breakfasts I’m thinking “Right, 20 minutes and I can go back to bed….” Most mornings I do go back, I’m not going to lie….



  1. Always take 5 minutes for yourself

Everyone should be able to take a few minutes for themselves. If you’re a mum or a dad this can be very hard; even going the toilet you’re never alone! Once the kids have gone to bed, leave the clean up for 5 minutes, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and just relax. Have a nosey through Facebook, read the news, or even just sit in silence. Just taking those few minutes will calm you down, motivate you to carry on with your day and it’s good for your mental health – and we all know that’s very important.


  1. Don’t set your motivation or goals based on someone else’s lifestyle

The only person you have to impress, motivate or beat, in your day-to-day tasks is yourself. No one else. Who cares if Sally from work is going shopping every weekend and going out to the pub while you’re sitting at home wondering where the next meal is coming from? You don’t know what Sally’s deal is – she might be depressed, have a shit home life – you just don’t know. People have 2 lives that they choose to show people. Their social media life – great lighting, perfect makeup, shopping trips, nights out. Then they have their private life, where they have dog awful breath in the morning, a pile of washing waiting to be done and kids screaming around the place, but they never choose to share that side because that doesn’t get the Likes.



  1. Get your arse off social media for the day

Social media is everywhere. It’s the first thing most of us check in the morning, during our work commute, at lunch time, once the kids have gone to bed…. I am a social media addict, I’m always on my phone looking at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Yes, my job requires me to do this, but sometimes I do switch off my personal accounts just to detox from it all. I get so wrapped up in the whole social media aspect I forget what’s going on in ‘real’ life. So, if you can, detach yourself for a day, read a book, go for a walk. You will feel a whole lot better for it. And to be honest what are you going to miss?? Sally from works beautifully plated-up kale salad??


  1. Smile and Dance it off

Smiling is free and lifts your mood so much. Smile at your friends, family, yourself (not in a crazy way of course….). Smiling is a natural expression that a lot of people don’t do half as much as they should. Watch some comedy, dance around the kitchen with the music blasting. I love having a random dance-off, even if it’s by myself doing the cooking or cleaning, or with the kids trying to tire them out before bed. I promise you this will make you feel so much better during your day! Get a good Spotify list and just dance it out!



So my own little goal for September (how is it nearly September) is to motivate myself; getting back to doing the school run (thank God…. 8 weeks is way too long) smiling a bit more (I have a terrible resting bitch face…. ), and maybe do a good few days social media detox.

Why don’t you try to do my 5 steps at least once a day, or week? And let me know how you get on, or if you have any of your own tips for motivating yourself.

To help a little with keeping your motivation, I’ll be posting a new quote and motivational picture each day across my social media platforms. And for the days that I have off from social media, I’ll have my posts already scheduled!


So here’s to a motivated September!!