My name is Marion Rose McFadden. I’m an artist and creative, with a love of technology. I’m currently living on the Leitrim side of the river although I’m originally from North West Donegal.


I’m a maker, occasionally a teacher, and still searching on the spirals of learning.
I recently completed an MSc in technology management with a focus on innovation for SMEs.

At present I’m developing my (UsIrish) start-up as a portal to network Irish artists and provide bespoke artistic works as a service to the global Irish community


Being self-employed is challenging and rarely a straight line from concept to goal. In the course of this most recent undertaking I’ve also been kinda kidnaped “away with the fairies.”


In the course of creating the free UsIrish app to help market this Initiative, I was introduced to interactive technologies.
A collaboration of sorts ensued and now I’m a published children’s author with “The Sunbeam Path” an animated, interactive iBook. This is also the first of its kind to be developed in Irish: “Slí Draíochta an Gha Ghréine.”

For those who’d like the gist of the story: Nora sees wisps of light dancing on the edge of the forest. These wisps are quirky Demifay characters that resemble wildflowers. They are also smaller second cousins of the Sídhe (Faeries).
Aunt Rosie teaches Nora about folklore and these magical wisps that use light (The Sunbeam Path) to travel. Nora also meets a young faerie lord called Caoilte and he invites her through The Dolmen Arch to fairyland.

This interactive children’s book is on pre-release as an App for Windows, and shortly to be released on Android so we can cover the variety of phones and tablets.


”The Sunbeam Path” was launched as a book at Glenveagh Castle, last Halloween and I will admit it was quite thrilling to see our wee friends in a proper book.
Sometimes the opportunities to do something different might pose as a distraction to your primary purpose. I’m going to suggest that the direction you take is often going to involve detours. Some of those detours might alter your life, when you are self-employed you’ll always have to weigh up opportunities and evaluate where best to gamble your resources.

You have to invest in what you believe, your time and money, especially in the start-up phase. But the most important thing of all is to believe in yourself.
Believe in your talent and hard work is the only thing that can ensure success… And even as I say that, I’ll also choose to believe in fairies.
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