As a multi-passionate business owner, I am so grateful to be running my own business.  I am the creator of Conversations with Caroline, which is a place where I teach and share blogging tips along with the occasional lifestyle and travel post, all focused around inspiring others.  I’m also the co-founder of Voltage Sport – a sport and fitness brand.

At Conversations with Caroline, I love helping bloggers to shine online.  It’s wonderful to see members of my blogging community succeed and learn new tips to help them with their own blog.


Getting Started

I always wanted to start my own business, but with no idea and no capital I thought it was just a long-lost dream.  I worked for a number of large corporate businesses and eventually had to make the decision whether to take a permanent contract or find another 9 – 5 job. Instead, I decided to go to university to study something I enjoyed and I got a place studying Creative Writing and English Literature.

By this time I had a mortgage, so I worked 3 jobs to support myself.  One of these was taking on some freelance admin work and this gave me the bug to start working for myself – I loved it!  I was able to do the work in my own time and fit it around my other commitments, which worked perfectly for me.

When I graduated I started my first business and picked up a number of freelance clients along the way, helping them with their online presence. I immersed myself in learning about blogging, social media and websites. After a year of doing this, I missed writing for myself.  I used the skills I’d learnt to begin my own lifestyle blog.  I loved the freedom and creativity this gave me.  I met lots of great bloggers, had some wonderful opportunities working with brands and loved sharing parts of my life.

I began to find lots of people were asking me for tips about blogging, so in 2016 I transitioned my own blog into a place to share blogging tips.  Alongside giving tips on my website, I also help bloggers through my blog coaching, and my signature course Trigger Your Blog.


Follow your passion

Starting my own business was the best thing I ever did.  It taught me a lot about myself and that it was okay to dream big and go after those dreams.  I love the freedom, flexibility and variety that running my own business gives me.  I am constantly learning new skills by reading a new book, listening to a podcast or taking a course.

If you are thinking about starting a business, I say go for it!  There will never be the perfect time or the ideal moment.  There is no better time than NOW for female entrepreneurs!

In the beginning, it’s about taking your idea and giving it a go, seeing what works and finding your ideal audience of super fans, who are looking for whatever it is you are offering them.  You may also have to support yourself financially by continuing to work or doing things which may not quite be aligned with your ultimate goal. But remember, this is temporary whilst you grow your business.  Be prepared to pivot and change your direction if you need to.  Finally, don’t compare yourself to other people, especially online – we only see people’s highlight reels, so stay focused on your own business.

Caroline Towers

I am so glad I run my own business and although it might not always be easy, it’s certainly worth it!

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