My name is Sarah Cooney and I am a Personal Development Consultant and Coach. I have overcome many challenges in my life, but haven’t we all…. so I won’t even begin to tell you that side of my story! Needless to say, life had not been easy up until about a year ago when I really started to take control of my life and, though I still have my ups and downs, life has certainly become easier.

I decided to be a primary school teacher at the age of 14. I was passionate about working with children but I also had this naïve idea that I could help children who, like myself, had a tough childhood; that I could be there for them, and be a positive influence in their lives. I really had the best intentions but, as I eventually discovered, teaching wouldn’t let me have the impact I really wanted to have on children’s lives. Deep down, I also had this niggling feeling that I wanted to run my own business, but I never really knew what I wanted the business to be!


By the time I qualified in 2013, I think I subconsciously knew teaching wouldn’t fulfil me, but I couldn’t admit that to myself…. So I ploughed on regardless and moved to London to begin my teaching career. Fast forward a year and a half and I was on the boat home…. Teaching in London had nearly broken me, but I’d survived, and on the upside I was coming back with the love of my life, who I was so blessed to meet over there.



The beauty of this experience was that it finally made me face up to myself, and take responsibility for the life I had created. It took me a whole year and 16 weeks of counselling to ease the anxiety and panic attacks and feel more like myself, ready to take control again.

I began researching other careers because I knew teaching was not for me anymore. In my research I came across something called Play Therapy, which I had never heard of before. Instantly, I felt that intuitive feeling, I want this… So I began creating my vision and taking whatever steps I could. I began volunteering with the ISPCC to get experience of being non-directive. I began my blog ‘Merry Me’, documenting the journey of my own Personal Development and finding happiness and contentment. I signed up for a course to teach meditation to children. Then one morning I was thinking to myself, “If I was to do a workshop in something what would I do?” I’m no make-up artist or fashionista, and suddenly the thought popped into my head like a lightbulb – Life Coaching.

MMC ELCAnd so this time last year my retraining began. I completed the course to become a ‘Connected Kids’ meditation teacher, began my diploma in Executive and Life Coaching, and began my Play Therapy Certificate. My blog is going from strength to strength and I started my business ‘Merry Me Centre’ in November. My Play Therapy Placement is going fantastically, and I’ve taken on a new role as the Cork Ambassador for ‘Count Her In’ – an online and offline community that encourages women to make more time to live, and to make the most of what life has to offer!

Every day, I get a chance to help people empower themselves and discover their unlimited potential. I am living my dream, and I would not have gotten to this point without building confidence within myself, realising my abilities as a strong and powerful woman, and taking the risk of stepping outside my comfort zone.

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